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What is the history of robots?

history of robots


The origin of robots is ancient. During the Industrial Revolution, there were many human-developed civil engineers who were able to control electrical machines that could be powered by small motors. Due to control in the early 20th century, it was not a humanoid machine designed by humans. 

 Robots were initially used in factory and industrial robots. They were also paper for fixing machines on industrial robots by producing some of the tasks allowed in production with less human effort. It is also digitally programmed with an industrial robot equipped with artificial intelligence suitable for 2000 and beyond. 

Robots are known as automated machines, and understanding the environment allows them to perform multiple tasks and perform their tasks properly. 

Early legend story:

The concept of artificial servants and companions was destroyed in the oldest legend of Cadmus. Cadmus was already and soon a dragon became a soldier and was a statue of Galate associated with many ancient myths, including many. Inhabited by mechanical hand-speaking artificial humans made by the Greek god Hephaestus, who salutes the Roman god of gold.  Buddhist scholars also made it a metal-formed auto, quoted in the sacred text in a sentence rift with a wonderful clock house and many precious metal people weeding when Buddha Shakuni died. I explained it as a production material. An epic poem of the King’s gesture and a precious metal race with automation for Central Asian heroes. 

Discoveries of the early history of robotics:

Leonardo’s Robot:

Leonardo da Vinci is not familiar with artists and is also known for his invention. In 1495 he was Vinci designed the plan using a mechanical light called Leonardo’s Robot. It was captured and discovered in 1959. The reconstruction, which is a table designed to produce a nightsuit-powered pulley that can start moving and radiate its vision in unknown weather, was created with a design vision. You can sit down and move his arms to lift when Vinci is actually created while he is alive. 

Its production lines:

 When we started the early stages of production in 1800, the idea of ​​a production line was born. Vidhi’s production line also uses several machines to perform complex tasks with automated functions. Some  machines have also been used on the cotton green and jackpot looms, accelerating fabric production and demonstrating a more efficient factory derived from the robotics 

innovations still pursued today. 

The “Robot” was also used:

The term “robot” first appeared in a title played in Czech called Rossum Universal Robots (RUR). It is also closely associated with the imaginary factory of robots, also known as the human life machine, which follows your English word from which it is derived and turns humans on with the average workforce, or when overworked at one time. Is related to. 

The fiction of robots:

 Some of the ideas of machines that have taken over humanity and were influenced by many frictional tasks, and the ideas of Isaac Asimov, a short story or essay series written in 1942, are always human and therefore harmful to humans. Has created three laws of robotics that do not affect. Follow a robot that tries to protect itself until it goes against the first loss. 

Exploring the history of earlier “real” robots:


 In 1954, the first industrial robot was armed by patented by George Devol and Joseph Engelberger. Mass-produced guns were also introduced in 1966. It was so popular in 1966 that, alongside investors carried by NBC, deceives a new brand of boring drinks at tonight’s show. General Motors had a single-arm plant that welded 110 cars to the frame in less than an hour, twice as fast as the others. 

The Robots that were used by Al:

The robot is used in the research of artificial intelligence, which was invented in 1972 with the help of a university called Stanford, and a team member called Shakey, who slowly moves through space using cameras and sensors while following multiple voice commands. it was done. An algorithm-based language that is also recognized and detected by routing. 

The age of humanoid robots:

 In the 1980s, Honda’s company began developing several humanoid robots. Humanoid robots are designed in the same way that humans walk on two legs, and they also work on two legs. After designing a robot, you can also make up for its own difficulties and deal with problems. It was also managed by a well-known company that is also a robotic humanoid. It was known as the unknown Asmino. The robot was 4 feet 3 inches, 5.6 mph at 9 km / h, and was difficult because it could easily climb stairs and kick the scorer bowl with one foot. 


Since the robot era, people have started making toy robots and many robot games have been played on computers and desktops. We also discovered many surgical robots. This helped doctors improve their operations and run smarter and smoother. It also helps robots find MIT research and helps MIT companies build vacuum cleaner robots to use for cleaning rooms. We also manufacture self-driving cars that automatically cover distances of over 150 miles and avoid accidents. It can also be set for  195 races, which are completed in races and are considered to be the development of the world by machine. Drones were also manufactured and used for records and military purposes. This is a fascinating improvement over the last few years and is envisioned in the future by learning about the history of robots. This allows you to participate in the robot camp course. 

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