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How to clean a laptop screen and Keyboard with these easy steps!

How to clean a laptop screen and Keyboard with these easy steps!

When the word – “Clean” or ‘Cleaning” comes to mind, you usually think about activities like a Car Wash, your utensils, or even your clothes! Here is a device you might not think much about cleaning but requires your careful attention. Any guesses? Your laptop screen

Your laptop is a device you use regularly in today’s modern world. All your work requirements are completed with the help of a laptop. With people spending more and more time on their laptops, tablets, or even computer screen, there is a greater chance of laptop screens getting smudged with finger smudges, accidental drink drips, or even sneezes. In this article, we’ll discuss how to clean a laptop screen and keyboard at home.

How to clean your laptop screen effectively? 

Learning how to clean your laptop screen is quite an important skill that requires a certain amount of finesse.

Thinking about cleaning your laptop screen? 

Follow these steps: 

1) Take ½ an hour out of your daytime schedule to clean your laptop.

Tip 1: Less is more. 

2) Use the least amount of cleaning products. Put the gentlest amount of pressure when cleaning the screen.

3) Pick your Laptop Screen: Glass Covered LCD Screen, Non-Glass covered LCD Screen.

4) Cleaning Equipment/Materials: 


1) Microfiber cloth

2) Nonabrasive sponge


  1. Distilled white vinegar
  2. Disinfecting wipes
  3. Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol
  4. Distilled water 

How often to clean your laptop screen?

Well, it depends. If your laptop is used daily, then a weekly session is recommended. 

If your laptop is more frequently used while traveling for example. Plan a deep clean session for 3-6 months.


01) Unplug Your Laptop

Turn off your device before you start cleaning, even simple dusting. Unplug it from its Power Source. This is necessary for the purpose of safety standards. Additionally, a dark screen will also help you see the amount of dust and grime on your laptop quite easily.

02) Wipe Away Dust

Pick up a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Use this to clear the dust and smudges as possible.

The Fibers in microfiber cloths have a greater surface area than in cotton cloths to trap dust and grime on the screen.

Take the microfiber, and fold it into a square. Start at one of the corners, and work your way across and down the screen. 

Don’t put an excessive amount of pressure on the screen when scrubbing. Also avoid scrubbing in circles, so that you won’t leave scratches on the screen itself. 

Handle your Laptop Screen with care.

03) Remove Smudges and Grime

Take a bit of moisture along with a cleaning solution to loosen up the stuck grime & dirt. Dip a very clean or nonabrasive sponge in distilled water and wring until nearly dry. Protect the keyboard with plastic wrap to prevent water from dripping.

Wipe the screen very lightly. Start very lightly at the top and then move slowly towards the bottom. Distance yourself from ports to prevent moisture from damaging the laptop.

04) Remove Sticky Mess

Dirt is easily removed with simple water and a cloth. For oily smears and sticker residues, you can move on to a commercial LCD Cleaner/Home cleaner.

To make a homemade screen cleaner, mix the following: 

1)1 part Distilled water+ 1 part isopropyl alcohol

2)1 part Distilled water + 1 part distilled white vinegar

Use a homemade cleaner and or a commercial cleaner. Lightly rub highly unclean areas. Air-dry thoroughly the screen before shutting down the laptop.


05) Disinfect Laptop Screen

Glass-protected LCD Screens are highly sanitized with a disinfecting wipe to remove bacteria. Air dry the screen before putting it on.

Rest of the laptop

After cleaning the screen thoroughly, move on to the keyboard, as well as the peripherals to clear the crumbs and oils. Your whole laptop is clean no.


For the Longevity of the Laptop, keep the laptop screen clean following the instruction above. 

Additionally, follow the 2 tips mentioned below:

  1. Avoid touching the screen with your laptop multiple times. The less you feel, the less dirt there will be on the screen to clean. Simple!
  2. Keep your laptop in a proper laptop bag. Keep the bag clean and in a safe and clean environment.
  3. Use the same microfiber until you require a new one to wipe the screen daily.

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