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5 Best YouTube channels to learn web development

5 Best YouTube channels to learn web development

We geeks always want to explore latest and popular technologies as it makes us relevant to the industry. Some of us catch things quite early while some take a bit more time to grasp and endure the whole concept of unfamiliar but fruitful entities. If we talk about web technology alone, this industry is right now booming with a wide variety of ideas. This constantly flourishing and expanding universe is not going to limit its magnification, hence, the problem.

How can we, the so-called geeks, be going to remain pertinent? We have to learn new stuff every day, we should stay updated with the current as well as the upcoming trends. So, we need help. We need someone to guide us, to lead the way. We cannot learn everything just by searching about it on the internet, we need to go deeper but “who has the time?”. But fortunately, there is YouTube where you would find thousands of channels, who are ready to help. We have made a list of our personal favorite YouTube channels which we want to share with you all. These YouTube channels cover almost all the latest trends in web technology. You can watch tutorials on YouTube and gain web development skills. Have a look 5 best YouTube channels to learn web development free of charge:


It is an e-learning and professional certification company founded by Shilpi Jain and Diwakar Chittora. In their YouTube channel, they provide tutorials for most of the latest and popular technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and Data Science. They also have proper tutorials for powerful programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, etc. You can also opt for different web development courses on their website to get a Certificate. The tutorials are stocked with proper examples to make it easy to understand for the students.


If you are a PHP enthusiast then you will love this channel. This YouTube channel especially focuses on PHP and its frameworks. This is one of the channels which goes really deep on the web development aspect of PHP. You can check all the videos from basic to advance to another higher level.



A YouTube channel by brilliant Brad Schiff. This guy makes simple things simpler. His videos are easy to understand and the way he defines various concepts with proper examples is just a cherry on top. He is a web designer and provides tutorials of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Here you can learn web design courses with advanced skills. Although he doesn’t have full tutorials on YouTube, his videos still are best on whatever is available. You can check his full tutorials of JavaScript and WordPress on Udemy. Check his YouTube Channel you will get a preview of his paid web designing course and also some very interesting videos on various web designing concepts.

Web Dev Simplified

A YouTube channel started in 2018. It is focused on full-stack development practices. If your aim is to learn the skills of a full stack developer then this channel is for you. Like all the channels above, the tutorials are created in a way to be easily graspable. You will even get videos regarding building projects in different web technologies. You can even purchase paid web development courses from their website com. Other than that there are some cool and fresh ideas for website development and designing like “Building an advance light/dark theme toggle website”. Check out the tutorials.


In this channel, you will see tutorials regarding UI/UX, Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, Graphic Design, and more. They post around 2-3 videos a week not only tutorials but the author’s personal opinions are also discussed about the latest trends. Check their YouTube channel link and explore their videos, they are quite different from others.

So, this was the list of our 5 Best YouTube channels to learn web development free of charge. You can have a different list of your own obviously but do visit these channels to see the content and then decide whether to invest your precious time learning from there or not. As far as we, the GeekRepublics are concerned we are pretty much in love with these. Thank you!

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