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How to Fix HP Printer printing blank pages? (Solved)

hp printer printing blank pages

There are various factors that may cause the HP Printer to print blank pages, such as printing settings, low ink, or the product itself. We can try to solve the “HP Printer printing blank pages” error and also try to print a nozzle check pattern to see if any of these nozzles have been clogged. If necessary, we can clean the print head. Make sure the paper size, orientation, and layout settings in the printer software are correct.

Why is my HP printer printing blank pages?

Various reasons can be the cause for the HP Printer printing blank pages:-

You can try to remove and reinstall your cartridges. Sometimes cartridges can be Defective or disconnected which can also be the reason why your printer prints blank pages. Further, you can remove the required cartridges to check if any of them are defective. You need to remove each and all cartridges if found damaged.

What to do if your printer prints blank pages:

We need to diagnose the cause that might be the reason your printer print blanks. Depending on the configuration and model and type of printer, there are various things that one can do to try and resolve this. But, there are a few issues that one would want to check beforehand as they apply to all printers, so it’s worth checking these out before everything else.

  1. Toner and Ink issues.
  2. Low-quality ink cartridges /Toner.
  3. Whether or room temperature is too cold.
  4. Incorrect size or different size of paper than requisite dimension.

Help! My HP Printer Is Printing Blank Pages

  • The first reason can be empty ink or toner cartridges that need replacing.
  • The second reason can be Ink or toner cartridges have become dislodged from their actual place.
  • The paper size which is in the input tray is not the correct sized paper.
  • The printer head nozzles have been clogged causing a build-up of ink or toner which is blocked
  • There may be blank pages in the document you are printing.

However, mostly defective or disconnected cartridges are usually the reason why the HP printer prints blank pages. One needs to remove the cartridges primarily to check if any of them are defective. And replace any damaged cartridges promptly, if found damaged.

Clogged Print Head?

Finely clean the print head with the moist cotton swab. Then install the cartridge to the printer, turn the printer on and run a utility tool for automatic cleaning. If in case the head is still clogged, you can continue to the next step. Grab a small bowl with enough glass cleaner to completely submerge the bottom portion of your ink cartridge.

How rubbing alcohol is used to clean printer heads?

You can use alcohol to clean printer heads however only using Isopropyl alcohol is recommended. However, use the alcohol is only required when cleaning or removing dirt from the blocked nozzles and printer heads. Inks sometimes dries up and block the printer headAlcohol, however, is corrosive, so using alcohol to clean electrical contacts may damage the wire.

Printer Not Printing Black:

We need to remove the blank ink cartridge from the printer, and one can use a cotton swab in order to clean the laser or scanner block. Then, we can try to print the pages again. If we find that the black ink does not print, then the problem could be the toner cartridge. At times, we can see when black ink isn’t printing; it can signify a problem with a printer’s laser.

In order to fix My Printer That Won’t Print Black, we may have to replace the ink cartridges that will be low or empty. Further, we can check your print head in all possible ways and confirm that the nozzles are not clogged as any blockage of nozzles could be the reason for not printing in specified black color.

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HP Printer couldn’t Print from Computer

You need to unplug the USB cable from the printer is present. Click on Control panel – Programs and feature – Highlight all the HP Office jet printer entries and uninstall them. Click on Control panel – Devices and printer – Choose all the printer entries and remove the device. Restart your computer

HP Printer Not Printing [SOLVED]

1) Perform basic troubleshooting
2) Update the printer driver
3) Set your printer as the default
4) Cancel all print jobs
5) Check printer status

There are several reasons behind it. If your printer starts printer printing blank pages then in the very first step you have to replace your printer ink cartages. This is the common reason why your printer prints blank pages.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to avoid these kinds of errors:

  • Check the estimated ink levels
  • Replace any low or empty cartridges
  • Use an automated tool to clean the printhead
  • Identity and then replace the problem cartridge
  • Service the Printer

You can also have your printer serviced. Contact HP customer support for further assistance or get your printer repaired or replaced.

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