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Reliance Jio Hike Data Prices to Rs 20 per GB over 6 months

Reliance JIO wireless Data price increased

“Reliance Jio said to TRAI about data prices hike in India from Rs 15 per GB to Rs 20 per GB currently, over 6 months.”

It is said that the data floor price is implemented, it should be uniformly implemented across all tariffs and applicable to all segments — individuals and corporates.

Reliance JIO Recharge

Reliance JIO Data Hike

Having increased in tariffs plans price in the past few months, Reliance Jio is now wanting more price hikes in the coming days. According to IANS, India’s largest cellular service provider has proposed to increase data prices in the country to Rs. 20 per GB from Rs. 15 per GB currently.

In its response to TRAI’s consultation paper on (Tariff issues in Telecom Services), the Reliance JIO said in their statement that the typical Indian consumer is very price sensitive and the target floor price should be implemented in 2-3 installments so as to minimize the impact of the increase in tariff.

The company also said at the data floor price should also cover the bundled tariffs with clearly defined elements.

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