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When should you expect to receive Android 10 update?

Android 10 Update Smartphone List

Google has launched Android 10 last year September 3, 2019. The Android 10 update began rolling out to all Pixel phones and later to all other non-pixel brands. But not every smartphone will be getting Android 10 update, it’s hard to hear because companies will give updates for just 1 year or maybe 2 or if you are lucky one so might be 3 years.

New Android Updates may take time to functionalize all the functions properly so, so you should take patience. So the question is when can you expect to receive Android 10? Here is the list of smartphones of expecting to support Android 10.

Before going forward just take a look at all new features on newly Andoird 10.

If you’re short on time, here’s a list of features we’ve seen so far:

  • Improved privacy controls
  • New gesture navigation
  • Google Assistant “handles”
  • Accent colors and theming options
  • System-wide dark theme
  • Native screen recording
  • Native desktop mode
  • Grouped silent notifications
  • QR codes to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Google Pay in the power menu


1. Google Android 10 update

Google pixel android 10 smartphone list

Google pixel

Please don’t surprise here — Google’s phones are first in line to receive the Latest Updates. However, the first Pixel was included in the Android 10 beta, and it has received the final build along with the mid-range Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

PixelRolling out
Pixel XLRolling out
Pixel 2Rolling out
Pixel 3Rolling out
Pixel 3 XLRolling out
Pixel 3Rolling out
Pixel 3a XLRolling out


2. OnePlus

OnePlus android 10 smartphone list


After Google OnePlus is one of the smartphone brands that roll out a new update to its smartphone. OnePlus already rollout an android update for its latest Flagship killer smartphone — the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7, and OnePlus 6T —  It is running the beta version of Android 10.

Here are the phones for which Android 10 is now available:

ModelStatus / Date
OnePlus 7Received
OnePlus 7 ProReceived
OnePlus 7 Pro 5GQ1 2020
OnePlus 7TReceived
OnePlus 7T ProReceived
OnePlus 6Received
OnePlus 6TReceived
OnePlus 5Q2 2020
OnePlus 5TQ2 2020

3. Asus



Asus is not known for providing timely Android Updates to their Smartphones. Since Asus 5Z was the first phones involved in Android 10 Beta programs so, we will have to wait to see how things turn out.

Here are the phones for which Android 10 is now available:

Asus ZenFone 5ZQ4, 2019
Asus Zenfone 6/6ZTo Be Announced
Asus ROG Phone 2To Be Announced


4. Huawei and Honor

Huawei android 10 update smartphone list


Huawei is one of the powerful Giant in the Smartphone industry. Huawei and Honor always provide Android updates slowly and this is because of how different the EMUI is from Stock Android. Huawei/Honor was part of the beta program for Android 10 with its own UI EMUI 10, but the Android 10 beta never arrived maybe because of the US and China trade war.

First off, the following phones have been updated to a stable build of EMUI 10/Android 10:

Huawei P30 seriesDate Unknown
Huawei Mate 20 seriesDate Unknown
Huawei Mate 10 seriesDate Unknown
Honor 10Date Unknown
Honor V10Date Unknown
Honor 9Date Unknown
Honor 9X/9X ProDate Unknown
Honor 8XDate Unknown


5. Samsung Android 10 update

Samsung android 10 update smartphone list


Samsung is the big market player in the Android world, as well as Giant Samsung also the biggest player in the entire smartphone world. But at the time of Android Update, Samsung has always been slow with Android updates.

So far, Samsung has issued its Android 10 update to the following devices:

Galaxy S10Elegible
Galaxy S10+Elegible
Galaxy S10eElegible
Galaxy Note 10+Elegible
Samsung Galaxy S9+Elegible
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Elegible
Samsung Galaxy M20Elegible
Samsung Galaxy M30Elegible
Samsung Galaxy A30Elegible
Samsung Galaxy M40Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A6Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A7Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A9Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A50Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A50sQuarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A70Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A70sQuarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A80Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy M30sQuarter 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A8 StarQuarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A30sQuarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A20Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A10Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy A10Quarter 2
Samsung Galaxy M10sQuarter 2


6. LG

LG android 10 update smartphone list


In recent years, LG has become a brand that is very slow in terms of android updates. It pains us to say that, but that’s the fact. It’s hard to say that only two LG phones to receive Android 10 are the LG G8 and G7 One.

LG V50Date Unknown
LG V40Date Unknown
LG K50sDate Unknown
LG K50Date Unknown
LG K40sDate Unknown
LG G8XDate Unknown
LG G8SDate Unknown
LG Q60Date Unknown
LG G7Date Unknown

7. Motorola

motorola android 10 smartphone list


The Motorola Moto One series which runs on Android One programs is more likely to receive Android 10 updates. It’s good to see that Motorola is going with Android One.

The list of Motorola phones that are now running Android 10 is quite small, including:

Moto G7 PlusElegible
Motorola One PowerElegible
Motorola One VisionElegible
Motorola One ActionElegible
Moto G7Expected
Moto G7PowerExpected
Moto G7 PlayExpected
Moto Z4Expected
Moto Z3Expected
Moto Z3 PlayExpected
Moto E6Expected
Motorola One


7. Nokia Android 10 update

Nokia android 10 update smartphone list

Source: Nokia

When it comes to the latest Android updates, Company that stands out among the rest is Nokia. Led by HMD Global. Almost all Nokia Smartphones run on the Android One program. The HMD Global provides the latest major Android Updates to all there devices.

Following are the Nokia Smartphone running the software:

Nokia 8.1Received
Nokia 7.1Received
Nokia 7 PlusReceived
Nokia 9 PureViewReceived
Nokia 6.1Received
Nokia 6.1 PlusReceived
Nokia 2.2Q1 2020
Nokia 3.1 PlusQ1 2020
Nokia 3.2Q1 2020
Nokia 4.2Q1 2020
Nokia 1 PlusQ1 2020
Nokia 5.1 PlusQ1 2020
Nokia 8 SiroccoQ1 2020
Nokia 2.1Q2 2020
Nokia 3.1Q2 2020
Nokia 5.1Q2 2020
Nokia 1Q2 2020

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