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Best Zombie Movies on Netflix Right Now

World War Z zombie movies on netflix

One of the famous genre in movies is the Zombie horror movies, personally, I love this kind of movies. These movies are the best combination of horror and thrill. There are so many movies made on this concept, some are very good some bad. There is a zombie comedy genre also which a very nice blend of thrill and humor. For all the Geeks like me, who love good zombie movies, I have listed some of the best zombie movies on Netflix. Have a look at it:

List of Best Zombie Movies on Netflix

1. Train to Busan (July 22, 2016)

This is the first Korean movie I have watched and was blown away by it. Train to Busan is a powerful blend of thrill and entertainment with very generous and real performances by the cast.

Train to Busan zombie movies on netflix

Train to Busan (Horror Zombie Movie)

This is one of my favorites because it takes the audience on a journey with its characters. The relationships between the characters are well established and it helps the audience to care for them. It is a story of a divorced workaholic father who is taking her daughter to her mom for her birthday, in Busan, by train. In this train journey, they encounter a virus-infected person who spread the virus to other passengers and then they create havoc on the train.

It is a story of action, empathy, and sacrifice with ‘realness’ and superb VFX effects. If you haven’t watched Train to Busan, then please watch it and explore the world cinema at its best. It is dubbed in the English language also, but I recommend you to watch it in Korean with subtitles because dubbing takes away the real feel of the movie. You won’t get disappointed give it a try.

Director: Sang-ho Yeon

Runtime: 118 minutes

Budget: $8.5 million | Box Office: $98.5 million

IMDB 7.5 | Rotten Tomato: 94% | Google: 90%

2. World War Z

I am in the middle of this movie and I can tell you that it is at another level. The fast-paced storytelling, no space for nonsense, this is World war Z. Let me warn you, the zombies are really scary.

World War Z zombie movies on netflix

World War Z (Horror + Action zombie movies on Netflix)

The story revolves around a family who is trying to escape from a zombie outbreak in their city. A disease is spreading rapidly from one human to another and turning them into a zombie. I am thrilled by every scene of this movie. The tension, the suspense, the fear, is very efficiently and effectively presented to the audience. I am going to complete it soon, and I urge all Zombie fans to watch this.

Director: Marc Forster

Runtime: 116 minutes

Budget: $190–269 million | Box Office: $540 million

IMDB 7 | Rotten Tomato: 66% | Google: 93%

3. Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box, when released in 2018, as compared to ‘A Quiet Place’, and hence received mixed responses. It is not better than the Emily Blunt starrer but it is not that bad to be very honest. I skipped it at that time but last year I visited it and had a nice experience. I like this movie irrespective of what other people or some critics say.

Bird box best zombie movies on netflix

Bird Box (Horror zombie movies on Netflix)

It is a movie about a mother who is trying to escape from some evil beings. She is running with her children, all blindfolded because even a single glance at the monster is dangerous. The monster is handled perfectly within the screen, as it very intriguingly retains the mystery throughout the movie. Bird Box is a fresh take on the zombie genre and I would love to tell you that it is worth a watch my friends. Watch it and tell us in the comments whether you enjoyed it or not!

Director: Susanne Bier

Runtime: 124 minutes

Budget: $ 19.8  million

IMDB 6.6 | Rotten Tomato: 63% | Google: 87%

4. Shaun of the Dead

A Zombie comedy movie, yes this movie made me fall in love with this genre. Shaun of the Dead, with Simon Pegg in the leading role, he was perfect for this movie.

Shaun of the Dead best zombie movies

Shaun of the Dead (best zombie movies)

This movie made us laugh in scary circumstances that the characters go through. It is a story of a frustrated guy whose life is very unbalanced and is trying to keep things up. He finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, he fights and tries different ways to save his family and friends and this starts an adventurous ride. It is an over the top comedy movie, but it is hilarious. Try it once and you will watch it again. 

Director: Edgar Wright

Runtime: 99 minutes

Budget: $ 6.1 million | Box Office: $30 million

IMDB 7.9 | Rotten Tomato: 92% | Google: 92%

5. Zombieland

Although I haven’t watched this Horror-comedy movie fully and only in bits and pieces, still I will recommend you this because I know that it is awesome. All the reviews and responses are hugely positive and also some chunks I have watched are funny.

zombieland best zombie movies

Zombieland best zombie movies

If we talk about the story, The world is destroyed by zombies and some of the survivors are trying to reach a safe place. A usual story, but a hilarious one. The cast is the highlight of this movie as they know exactly what they are presenting and gave their best. There is violence in the movie, disclaimer, but I like it, it is presented funnily. I am looking forward to watching this movie, if you are interested in it then do watch it and tell us your thoughts over it.

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Runtime: 1h 28m

Box office: 10.24 crores USD

Budget: 2.36 crores USD

IMDB  7.6 | Rotten Tomato: 90% | Google:94%

This was the list for the best zombie movies on Netflix. There are so many movies and different kinds of the genre I want to explore. You may also like the best thriller web series on Netflix. If you have any recommendations for me, of any genre, of any locality, let me know in the comments. I hope you like my recommendations, thank you.

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