Realme prices in India hiked Due to GST Rates; Here Are the Realme new phone price list

Realme new smartphone price list in India
“Realme price in India hiked  due to GST rates and an increase in component prices due to coronavirus pandemic see the Realme new phone price list below”

Realme hiked its smartphone price after the government raising GST on Smartphones. Last month, the Indian Government announced the GST price on the smartphone will increase by 50% from 12% to 18%. You can see the letter for Realme below:

Realme new phone price list

The new GST (goods and services tax) rates affect the whole smartphone industry. Other phone makers Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Apple increasing the price of their products. The GST is not the only reason for this, the supply chain shortages due to the COVID-19 and Indian rupee fall against the dollar.

Here are the Realme new phone price list

ModelOld Price New Price
Realme 6 (4GB+64GB)12,99913,999
Realme 6 (6GB+128GB)14,99915,999
Realme 6 (8GB+128GB)15,99916,999
Realme 6 Pro (6GB+64GB)16,99917,999
Realme 6 Pro (6GB+128GB)17,99918,999
Realme 6 Pro (8GB+128GB)18,99919,999
Realme X50 Pro 5G (6GB+128GB)37,99939,999
Realme X50 Pro 5G (8GB+128GB)39,99941,999
Realme X50 Pro 5G (12GB+256GB)44,99947,999
Realme X2 Pro (6GB+64GB)27,99929,999
Realme X2 Pro (8GB+128GB)29,99931,999
Realme X2 Pro (12GB+256GB)33,99935,999
Realme C36,9997,499
Realme X216,99917,999
Realme XT15,99916,999
Realme 5i8,9999,999
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The Xiaomi updated the smartphone price on the official website and e-commerce website soon. You can check the new price list of Xiaomi phones. The price has been raise max up to Rs. 2000.

After Xiaomi Apple also updated the new price list of iPhones, and you know apple smartphone is famous for its premium feature and high price as well. So, you can guess the price after GST will not be around Rs. 2000. The top-line iPhone model iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB) updated price goes up to Rs. 7000, which was launched at Rs. 1,43,200 is now selling at Rs. 1,50,800. But I think if you are going to buy a new expensive phone like the iPhone than 2-3K is not a big deal for you. Check out the new price list of the Apple iPhone.

The upcoming smartphones like OnePlus which are going to launch on 14th April will also come at a higher price. Right now we don’t know much more about the upcoming OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, so we will have to see how things turn out. What do you think about GST Rates? Share your thought in the comment below.

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