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Why is My HP Printer Offline – Get Back Your Printer Online

Why My HP Printer is Offline

One of the most frequently occurring problems in the HP printer is the ‘Why is My HP printer offline Windows 10‘ and this error occurs without any apparent reason. Therefore in this article, we have explained the main causes for this problem along with its troubleshooting steps. So whenever you are in a situation where your HP printer keeps going offline, just follow the instructions given in the below section.

Turn HP printer offline to online in windows, Linux, or Mac by following the technical steps given on the website by technical experts.

  • First, if you find the printer is unavailable in the print management console.
  • The first step is to check the network accessibility, for example, via the web interface or ping. If your device responds, then go to the second point
  • As they say, seven troubles one reset, try restarting your printer, pull out the power cord for 20 seconds, and plug it back in.
  • The device will boot up in a minute (I have already described everything in detail in the article.
  • When I did not print the printer, do not be too lazy to read it). Then we check its status on the server. If it doesn’t help, then we try the following method.
  • There is a long-known problem with printing devices and it is related to the SNMP protocol.

  • The operating system Windows 7 and higher automatically tries to poll the network printer using the SNMP protocol, this is done to determine.
  • Whether there is a problem with the printing device or not.
  • All modern printers have such functionality, and if your print server for some reason could not receive a response from your printer then it will give it the Offline status in the control console, although it will be available.

To check if this is the cause of the malfunction, you need to follow these steps. Open the Print Management snap-in and go to the properties of the desired printer.

Why does my hp printer keep going offline?

Is your HP printer showcasing offline status? And you want to print some important documents? This issue comes up with many printers. There are easy, simple steps to solve this issue.  When your printer is offline status, it means that the printer cannot communicate with the other device for printing. Usually, printing cannot be done. The printing tasks for the printer are required to be canceled and no printing requests can be sent to the printer. Fix printer offline issues occur frequently in a printer.

The reason behind the printer keeps going offline

  • Drivers of the printer have been outdated.
  • There are any connection problems
  • An error in the settings of the printer.

How to fix hp printer offline – hp smart app

There are some of the solutions provided below for the Hp printer offline issue-

  • To run Hp Print and doctor scan app
  • Identify and solve the issue.
  • Open the app and click on the download option and let it run.
  • Hit on the yes option for the file source.
  • Then, click on the start button and select your printer

If in the list, your printer name does not appear, then in that case restart your printer and click on the retry option in the print and doctor scan app.

  • The app will be identifying the connectivity issues
  • Then, on-screen instructions have to be followed.
  • Then, click on the yes option for the printer update.
  • Continue with the prompts appearing and click on the yes option for the setting printer as a default.

How do I stop my hp printer from going offline?

For setting the printer default following steps are required to be followed-

For the window 10-

  • In the search option, search the option of devices.
  • To select the printers and scan option.
  • The box needs to be unchecked to let windows manage the default printer.
  • Add printer name from the list.
  • Select the version showcasing online or ideal status.
  • Click on the option.
  • Click on the Set as default option.
  1. To confirm the printer port and windows services status

The steps are provided below for this-

  • Go to the control panel and click on the view printers and devices option.
  • Right-click on the printer and choose the printer properties.
  • To click on the ports tab
  • Search the windows for services option
  • Then, a list will appear and click on the function discovery provider list option and function discovery resource publication.
  1. To check the status and startup columns.
  • Check if the startup type is automatic in nature.
  • Now right-click on the printer name and choose the properties option.
  • Change the startup type to automatic.
  • Start button under the service status and click on the Ok button.
  • Go back to the printers and devices window and press the f5 key.
  • Click on your printer name and check the status.
  1. To check the connection
  • First, restart your printer.
  • Then turn off your computer.
  • To connect the power cord of the printer and turn the printer on.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the wireless router for 10 seconds.
  • When the network comes back, then turn on the computer.
  • Use the wireless setup wizard of the Hp printer to connect it to the network.
  • To check print a wireless report.
  • And see if the offline issue is still there.
  1. To try to print from another device

One can also try to print from another device such as a laptop or mobile phone. The offline problem is due to printing errors or poor connection. So, these are some of the ways to fix the hp printer offline issue.

How to turn hp printer online from offline windows 10

Go in the printer setting check for printer and devices and right-click on the printer model and see what’s printing further follow the steps and printer offline to online in Windows 10. Is your printer showing offline status on your computer? So, now what to do to fix it? To fix it, you should try some manual ways. Hp printer offline error occurs often even when it is connected to a network. Hp printer offline error in Windows 10 may be due to several reasons.

This issue occurs mostly in printers connected to a network, but it can occur in any printer. The issue can be solved easily by properly following some ways. Sometimes the printer software causes the problem by troubleshooting the connectivity issue in the printer.

Why printer keeps going offline in windows 10

  • The connection between the printer and computer is poor, slow.
  • There is some internal error in the printer.
  • There are many printing tasks incomplete.

How do I switch my hp printer from offline to online in Windows 10

Below are some of the ways which can be helpful for you to fix the hp printer offline issue on windows 10-

  • To re-install your printers drivers

The following steps are needed to be followed for the re-installation of printer drivers-

  • In the control panel, click on the printers and devices option.
  • Search your printer name and right-click on the remove device option.
  • Click on the yes option on the confirmation dialogue box.
  • download the driver from your printer manufacturer and install it.
  • Check if you’re on a VPN connection

If your computer or printer is connected to a VPN connection, then also the printer can show the offline status on windows 10. If you want to use a Vpn connection, then directly connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable.

My hp printer is offline how do I get it back online

The settings of your printer need to be changed. The following steps can help in doing so-

  • First, go to the control panel.
  • Then, locate the printer’s window.
  • Check if the printer is set to default.’
  • Then select the printer queue option.
  • If there is any task left to do, remove it from there.
  • From the queue option, select the printer and uncheck the printer offline use option.
  • Then check if the printer is connected to the computer in the wrong way.
  • Turn the printer and computer off and then switch on both.
  • If the problem is not solved, then re-install the printer drivers.
  • Restart the printer spooler device

  • Press the windows and r key and press the enter key.
  • Search the print spooler service.
  • Then right-click and choose the restart option from the menu option

How do I change my hp printer status offline to online

  • Visit the control panel and select the devices and printers option.
  •  Choose the printer properties from the menu option.
  • Visit the ports tab and choose your printer IP address.
  • Then click on the configure port button.
  • To uncheck the SNMP status that is enabled and click on the Ok button to save the changes.

Steps to update windows 10 software and turn online

  • To press the windows key+i for opening the settings app.
  • Locate the updates and security options.
  • Click on the check the updates option.

How to add two printers on windows 10

  • To choose the ports tab.
  • Add port option.
  • Choose the Ip port option and click on the new port button.
  • The next option is after the start of the printer port wizard.
  • Then, enter the required information and click on the next option.

So, these are some of the ways to fix the hp printer offline issue on windows 10. These ways are easy and reliable which can help to solve the offline issue of the hp printer on windows 10.

How do I get my hp printer back online with windows 10

  • Then select the required port and click the “Configure Port” button. In the “Standard TCP / IP port monitor settings” window that opens.
  • Uncheck the “SNMP status enabled” checkbox and save the settings.
  • In the English version, select “Configure Port – SNMP Status Enabled”
  • After all these steps, your printer status is disabled, will change to “Ready or Ready”. Please note that prior to set up, I had 40 jobs in the print queue.
  • As you can see, the status has become “Ready”.
  • After half a minute, the jobs began to be sent to print, as you can see there are already 37 of them. Congratulations, we took our printer out of the Offline mode.
  • If disabling SNMP did not help you and your printer is disabled again although it is available.
  • Try restarting the print service (Spooler), but note that this will affect all printing devices, they will not be available at the time of restart.
  • If this did not help the same, then try to disable the two-way data exchange for your device, in some cases, this can have an effect.

How to change a hp printer’s status from “offline” to “online

  • Another option would be to recreate the print port, as described in the link on the left, this sometimes helps when your printer is offline but available over the network.
  • You can also use the Microsoft Printer Diagnostic Tool (Print Spooler Cleanup Diagnostic Tool)
  • If there is a conflict between several drivers of two printers or more, then isolation of the print driver will help you.
  • Be sure to check your firewalls and network devices to see if they are blocking SNMP traffic
  • On some printers, it helps to manually set the SNMP name to “public”
  • Make sure that your printers are not set to stand-alone or suspend mode, although you would see it in statuses, but just in case
  • Try to diagnose with the Print-Spooler-Repair-Tool

If you still have the Disabled status on the printer, then you have something with karma, try using proprietary utilities from the manufacturer, for example, HP has HP Print and Scan Doctor, others have their own, the main thing is not to give up and change a printer’s status from “offline” to “online.

Why hp printer goes offline in windows 8

Is your hp printer showing offline status on windows 8? If yes, then it is a common issue that occurs in HP printers. It can be solved in many ways. The printer supports wireless printing and, sometimes the offline problem occurs in the HP printers.  Through the help of some simple steps and checks, the printer offline issue can be solved. Sometimes, the printer while performing printing tasks, goes offline. The printer showcasing offline status can be due to the following reasons-

  • The connection is not proper between the computer and printer.
  • See cable is not connected properly.
  • Error in the paper jam of the printer.
  • Some problems with the printer drivers and software.
  • Updates are not performed in the right way.

How do I get my hp printer back online with windows 8

Various solutions are provided below to fix the hp offline issue in windows 8-

  • To check the USB cable is connected properly.
  • If the printer is wireless then the internet connection should be checked.
  • Check the settings of the printer through the control panel.
  • Remove the pending printing tasks.
  • To remove and reinstall the printers.
  • Now remove the printer drivers and software to check if there is a problem with them.
  • Update windows 8 regularly and properly.

How do I stop my hp printer from going offline?

Troubleshooting steps to solve the offline issue in the hp printer are described below-

  • First check that the printer is switched on and no lights are blinking. No hardware problem is there.
  • To check the printer hardware issues like paper jam, cartridges are not fixed properly, the printer is out of paper, etc.
  • To check the connections of USB, wireless network. Unplugging can be done on USB ports.
  • Usage of printer software can be done to fix the offline issue.
  • To install printer drivers properly. The improper installation of printer drivers can cause problems in the printing and operating system of printers as well.
  • Remove all the pending printing tasks by the below-given steps.
  • First, visit the printers and drivers section.
  • Then, double click on the printer to clear the pending or old printing tasks.
  • The pending printing tasks will get labeled as errors. So, right-click on it and click on the cancel option.

So, these are solutions for the hp printer offline issue in windows 8. These solutions are reliable and easy to apply. The offline issue in printers affects wireless printing also.

How to turn my hp printer offline to online in mac

Sometimes, in Hp printers, offline status is shown on mac devices. So, do you want to get rid of this error on your Mac device? If yes, then there are several solutions available to solve this error.  Many Hp Printers face this issue on mac devices while printing a document or report. Usually, when the user tries to print a document on a mac device, HP printer offline status is shown.  Hp printers are one of the leading and best printers people use in their homes and workplaces.  The printer has some amazing features like various wireless connectivity options.

what does it mean when the printer is offline mac

  • Check if the Hp printer is connected properly to a power source.
  • The wireless network is not connected to a computer in a proper way.
  • The printer is connected to Bluetooth in a proper way.
  • To check that the wireless network has good speed for performing printing functionality.

How do I get my hp printer back online mac?

  • First switch on the printer and check if it is connected to a power plug in a proper way.
  • To check the cables.

To check that the printer has adequate papers in it to perform printing tasks.

  • Check the dialog box of the printer and check for the paper jams in the printer if any.
  • To check the ink cartridges f the printer. Sometimes the level of ink cartridges is low and hp printer showcases offline status.
  • Now check that printer and mac device are on the same wireless network.

hp printer connected to WiFi but offline

There are various steps available for resetting the printer system and reinstalling it. Some steps are provided below-

  • To click on the menu section on your mac device.
  • Select the system preferences system and click on the printers and scanner option.
  • Then, press the control button and click on the printer list option.
  • Under the printer list option, click on the resetting the printer system option.
  • Connect the printer to a network through a USB cable.
  • Tap on the menu option and click on the software update option.
  • Click on the menu option and select the system preferences option.
  • Open the printers and scanners option.
  • Select the plus button and click on the lock button.
  • Enter the administrator username and password.
  • Click the option of adding printers and scanners from the list.
  • Then, select the printer name from the list and add the mac device downloads.
  • Install the latest software and drivers for the printer.

How to turn printer offline to online on mac


Turning off the printer’s dialogue extensions can also fix your hp printer offline issue. In this printing, the software causes a problem in performing printing functionality.  Some software uses PDES and it needs to be removed or the PDES can be turned off. TO CHECK THE PRINTER

  • It is switched on and has lights on which are showing normal status.
  • Check if the paper is not jammed.
  • See if the ink is enough to perform printing tasks.
  • Next, check that cables are connected in a proper manner.

So, these are some of the ways mentioned above that are reliable and easy to apply.

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