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Youtube Thumbnail Copyright – Create copyright free thumbnail for YouTube

copyright free thumbnail for youtube

Copyright is a very annoying and scary word in the world of  YouTube. There are various cases under which you can come under a copyright claim. It can cost you plenty of money. In this article, we’ll know about YouTube Thumbnail Copyright Act and how to copyright free thumbnail for YouTube.

What are YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube Thumbnails play a very important role in getting views in the video, or you can also say that it’s important than your video, because the first impression is the key point of your YouTube video, later on, your video content comes into play.

Can YouTube thumbnails be copyrighted?

Yes, YouTube thumbnails can be copyrighted.  It doesn’t matter if the images are small, and often part of a larger image, they can be copyrighted. Your video can be viral if your thumbnail is attractive. In case, if you’re trying to monetize your YouTube channel and using a thumbnail created by another YouTube creator, to drive traffic to your channel, so you are breaking copyright low.

Youtube Thumbnail CopyRight

Youtube Thumbnail CopyRight

There are various rules and laws when it comes to using thumbnails. You can use YouTube thumbnails when you have permission from the owner of the thumbnail.

How Do I Safely Use a Thumbnail Image?

So, while using thumbnail on your video content, the safest thing you can do is to use your own image. But in such case you want to add a thumbnail created by another creator, then you have to take permission also you have to give credit to the original source of the thumbnail. Without this express permission, you can be held liable for copyright infringement. 

But, What happens when you use a copyrighted thumbnail? Well in such a condition, If the owner of the thumbnail discovers that his/her image is being used, then he/she has the right to request that the image be removed.

For getting permission from the owner, you just need to write permission letter with specific disclosure included. You can check the Stanford University Library article about The Basics Permission, which walks you through the process of legally using a copyrighted image, in this case, for your thumbnail on YouTube.

Following is the process you need to follow for YouTube Thumbnail Copyright Act:

  1. First Find out if the item is copyrighted
  2. Then Determine who the owner is
  3. Understand the right that you need to use the image
  4. Contact the owner of the thumbnail/image about YouTube Thumbnail Copyright and get permission.
  5. And in the last step, you have to get permission in writing. This means if you are planning to monetize your YouTube channel, you need written permission, so there is evidence that it has been fully disclosed to the owner of the image.

You can check the myth about Youtube Thumbnail Copyright.

Easy way to create copyright free thumbnail for YouTube

Well design your own thumbnail is hard, sometimes it takes a lot of time. But you can save your time by using smart work. There are many tools available on the internet that offers high-quality thumbnails free of cost. Some of these tools do not remove watermark until you pay the plan.

So, how to create YouTube thumbnail free without a watermark or create a copyright-free thumbnail for YouTube? Well, you can use the canva tool, and this tool helps you to create high-quality thumbnails for all social and blog platforms. It has built-in templates for different topics, that help you to figure out things.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it’s risky to use YouTube thumbnail without having the owner’s permission, because you don’t know when the will be problem comes. In today’s time it’s hard to grow your channel so don’t try to take shortcuts for long-term loss.

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