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Samsung Galaxy prices increased in India: List of phones and new prices

Samsung Galaxy new smartphone price list

“Samsung increased the price of their smartphone due to a hike in import duty and GTS Rate, the Samsung new phone price is listed below”

Samsung increased smartphone prices in India due to increasing tax on mobile phones from to 18 percent from 12 percent. The new rule was started on 1st April, which means smartphones will become costlier than ever before. We already write on Xiaomi phone prices and Realme phone prices.

Samsung has increased the price of its smartphone, including the latest premium Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone, by up to Rs 9,000. You can check out the new price list of Samsung Smartphones.

Samsung flagship phone new prices after GST

ModelOld priceNew Price
Samsung Galaxy FoldRs 1,64,999Rs 1,73,835
Samsung Galaxy Z FlipRs 1,09,999Rs 1,15,890
Samsung Galaxy S20Rs 66,999Rs 70,500
Samsung Galaxy S20+Rs 73,999Rs 77,900
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraRs 92,999Rs 97,900
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Rs 69,999Rs 73,600
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256GBRs 79,999Rs 84,200
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 512GBRs 89,999Rs 94,700
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GBRs 55,900Rs 58,800
Samsung Galaxy S10 512GBRs 67,900Rs 71,400
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GBRs 63,900 Rs 67,200
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GBRs 74,900Rs 78,800
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GBRs 93,900Rs 98,800
Samsung Galaxy S10eRs 44,900Rs 47,300

You can see Samsung Galaxy Fold which was launched at Rs. 1,64,999 now selling at Rs. 1,73,835 almost Rs. 9000 hike. Also the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will set you back to Rs 97,900 instead of Rs 92,999. So, the premium smartphone price increase max up to Rs.9000.

Samsung mid-range new phone prices after GST

ModelOld PriceNew Price
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GBRs 38,999Rs 41,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 8GBRs 40,999Rs 43,100
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB + 128GB)Rs 39,999Rs 42,142
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB + 512GB)Rs 44,999Rs 47,300
Samsung Galaxy A71Rs 29,999 Rs 31,500
Samsung Galaxy A80Rs 39,990Rs 41,999
Samsung Galaxy A50S (4GB+128GB)Rs 19,999Rs 21,070
Samsung Galaxy A51 (6GB+128GB)Rs 23,999 Rs 25,250
Samsung Galaxy A70S (6GB+128GB)Rs 26,999 Rs 28,400
Samsung Galaxy A70S (8GB+128GB)Rs 28,999Rs 30,500

Now coming to the budget smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB + 512GB) price has been increased to Rs 47,300 from Rs 44,999. and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB is Rs. 2000 costlier than before. You can clearly see the mid-range smartphone price hike max up to Rs.3000

Samsung affordable phone prices after GST hike

ModelOld priceNew price
Samsung Galaxy A20S (4GB+64GB)Rs 12,999 Rs 13,695
Samsung Galaxy A30S (4GB+128GB)Rs 15,999Rs 16,856
Samsung Galaxy M21 (4GB +64GB)Rs 13,499Rs 14,222
Samsung Galaxy M21 (6GB+128GB)Rs 15,499Rs 16,329
Samsung Galaxy M30S (4GB+128GB)Rs 13,999Rs 14,749
Samsung Galaxy M30S ((6GB+128GB)Rs 15,999Rs 15,999 Rs
Samsung Galaxy M30S (4GB+128GB)Rs 14,999Rs 15,803
Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB+64GB)Rs 15,999Rs 16,856
Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB+128GB)Rs 16,999Rs 17,910
Samsung Galaxy A10S (2GB+32GB)Rs 8,999Rs 9,480
Samsung Galaxy J2 CoreRs 5,990Rs 6,299
Samsung Eider nRs 1,375Rs 1,449
Samsung PitonRs 1,625Rs 1,710
Samsung MetroRs 2,800Rs 2,950
Samsung GanggaRs 3,225Rs 3,399
Samsung EiderRs 1,100Rs 1,150

As for the affordable Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB+64GB), which gained popularity after its huge 6,000mAh battery with the starting price Rs 15,999 is now Rs 16,856.

Apart from Samsung, Apple also updated the iPhone list, you can check the new iPhone prices.

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